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Friday, 25 March 2011

Due for May

Well unfortunately I am having to withdraw from Laura's In Vitro gallery at the end of this month.It was a really good idea to keep my work out in the public eye, but I can't afford the very small amount she asks to keep it there... It's only £30 or so a month, which says some thing about my finances that I can't afford that... Oh well. It is very good though and I would recommend it.

However at the beginning of May I will be exhibiting my work at The Jolly Brewer. This is free but they have a chocker block schedule at the mo
ment so I'm lucky I got in when most of the bank holidays are so more people will see my work :)

Here are some pictures of some new things I will have up their as well as the stuff I already have.
This is the label design I have come up with for under my pieces, to say what they are and give prices. It's a little boring just to write on a piece of white paper don't you think?
This is what I am going to put up instead of just a boring bit of paper describing what I do. It is a self portrait and there will be a speech bubble saying hello to everyone and telling them what I do.
This is my final drawing. I'm going to try and get it printed on as big a canvas as I can. The Jolly Brewer is a pub which mostly plays rock music, so I'm hoping this image will be very popular.
Well once I have coloured these in I will post again. I am also going to be working on some posters soon so I hope to get them done quickly.

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