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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Two exhibitions today!

Today is a very busy day for me! Yesterday I sent my canvases and badges etc to a cafe in Scarborough for a 6 week exhibition. The website is shown below. This is a very nice opportunity as I wouldn't have known about it unless my boy friends parent had told me about it and offered to take it up to Scarborough for me. I really appreciate the help.


And also today I have a custom painted canvas bag, this bag is a part of the Canvas bag exhibition which goes on until the 16th of October. The website link is also below. I painted this while in sort of flu fever the night before my parents were going to take it in to the gallery for me. It look me 4 hours of intense painting and my arm hurt a lot afterward, I was very ill, I'm not sure how I did it.


I am also working on a Panto poster for the Jolly Brewer Theatre Company, Aladdin and the Magic Tankard. so once that is done I shall post it here too.