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I am a freelance Illustrator based in Lincoln. Creating art and doing crafty things.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Painting rough

Just thought I would share this with you. It's a rough for a painting I have been trying to come up with for weeks now... I'm going to work out the colour scheme on photoshop before I go ahead or it could go wrong...

Vinyl Toys collection

I haven't actually painted any of these yet, and I only found out that Rooz and Trikky's existed this week as I saw them along with others in Forbidden Planet in Nottingham... Which is also where the bigger Munny came from. I have been meaning to paint him since last year. Still haven't come up with anything... so much uni work to do as well... Just thought I would share them :)

Friday, 26 March 2010

A few updates, Illustrations, events, what ever

Well I said I would wait until the end of my course to post pictures of my work up, but then I realized that would take for ever. Better to do it in small bursts. In no particular order here we come (sorry if I have repeated my self from previous blog entries)

Just a reminder I own www.katieupson.co.uk and so I hope to be having my art work posted on their soon enough. There is a link to this blog though on that site. I am getting this website in exchange for doing a magazine cover for a friend of mine so watch this space for that when it's done.

This... is Manny... and he ate all your bees... inspired by the show Black Books the character is played by Bill Bailey. I have wanted to draw some thing like this for ages and I finally have. I have also submitted it to the Northern Design Competition and printed it as an A1 poster.
This is Annabel Lee, this is for my negotiated project. I took poems by Edgar Allen Poe and illustrated phrases from them. This is the first of my character designs for her and the basis for all of my characters after this point, with some fine tuning. It's nice to have a style at last.

Same character as above, and this time there is some patterns and stuff. I drew all the textures and patterns my self. I have made some badges from the sea monsters and things... they are done but I want to finish the packaging before I post it on here. There is also a T-shirt, but I haven't had a photo of it yet and I need to design the logo and tags for it. Some thing to look forward to.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

So what new from me?

I know I haven't been updating this as much as I want to. But I have been working very very hard indeed. I have gotten my work some thing close to the way I want it to be. And I am producing a lot of work for my final year show. I think the best thing to do is wait until my final show to start loading images up. It will free up some time for me to carry on working, and it will mean that I will have everything finished instead of loading up half done stuff... this will be around the end of May
Watch this space