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I am a freelance Illustrator based in Lincoln. Creating art and doing crafty things.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Rabbit transformation

This is for the story by Kurt Schwitters "Lucky Hans" illustrated by Irvine Peacock. It isn't finished yet but I thought I would show you all. I will put the full description up with the finished piece.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Excessive Noise

I am pretty impressed with my self that I managed to get it so symmetrical by hand and with no help from the computer. All the line work is my own. The colours radiating out makes you draw your eye into the centre. This is basically illustrating the idea that you are surrounded by noise and that it may seem like a never ending cycle.

Flying the Nest

This editorial illustration was for an article about mothers perhaps feeling down because their children were leaving home. But it also said that some parents might enjoy more money and space once they have gone. So this illustration is based on the idea that the mother may be waving good bye, but that she is thinking about the future and what she could do. The line work is good, the textures are good... but I do not feel it is as strong as it could be.