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Saturday, 19 September 2015

The EBP!

I recently completed a "Creative Marketing Assistant" internship with the Education Business Partnership, EBP for short. In this role I put a lot of my creative skills to use in a professional environment.
Projects I was involved in included:
T-shirt design, logos, document design, designing and ordering smaller items such as name badges.
Above is the t-shirt design for a charity called "One Me". I was involved in many parts of the launch of the charity, but this is perhaps the biggest project I worked on. This t-shirt is intended for volunteers to wear when out in the community.
Next, I was asked to work on an A4 booklet for the "Red Stem" event at RAF Scampton. This booklet was handed out to guests from local schools. The booklet included, comments from the special guest speakers, and logos from the sponsors. This booklet followed the companies colours and branding.

These above three images, are part of a project for the Yorkshire Building Society. I was asked to design logos for pages on a website, which was aimed at younger users. I used the companies colours and theme of overlapping colours to keep in with the style.
I really enjoyed my time with the EBP, and my experiences are far wider than the few projects I have mentioned here. I worked on small projects for internal uses, such as name badges and business cards. Up to large scale events, where my work was seen by hundreds of people.